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Updated November 28, 2016

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These pages are the result of a life long interest in cars and Electronics.

In particular, my 1930 Ford Hotrod project, Belletts, Ham Radio and microcontrollers.

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SOLD , 1930 Ford Coupe HOTROD June 2015

My 1930 Ford coupe Hotrod (under construction) July 2010

Isuzu Bellett pages and Bellett Nats, Sept 2013


Ham Radio "PICaSTAR" Transceiver project

STAR "Show & Tell" 16th May, 2010

The "COMBO" PICaSTAR (new page in construction) 2014

Combo (single PCB Picastar) Vers A

Combo (single PCB Picastar) Ver B incudes Trxavr for Combo

Combo (Single PCB Picastar) Vers "C" PICASTAR

Combo ( Two PCB, Picastar "P1 & P2/a") "Porta Combo" Current: 2016

2nd LO oscillator using Si5351 by VK5TM NEW March 2015

PeakSWR PCB. Very limited supply. July 2014

Toroid adapter PCB's for BPF April 2013.....2016

TrxAVRB Interface for Picastar with keypad pcb etc

Trxavrb PCB interface for Combo B (no keypad PCB)

real time clock (RTC PCB few pcb's available ? check.

Real Time Clock battery charger May 2012

TftA pcb construction


More STAR BUILDERS Combo PCB versions

WSPR mode and 5W PA NEW Feb 2016

Panadaptor for PICASTAR Updated 28th March 2016 !!!

K3NG's Antenna Tuning Unit NEW Sept 2016

PICATUNE vk3pe version

Paul Berkeley no longer has Picatune PCB's available.

W6JL's low cost 50W PA PCB's all gone but DIY info added March 15th 2015

Ham Radio pages. My new antenna Aug 2010

245MHz OCXO for STAR ?


MAXIMITE single board PIC computer

IC22S 2m transceiver

Motorola SYNTRX radio

Melbourne, Australia


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