Johnathan Kelly, GW2HFR's Picastar build (classic)



From: Jonathan Kelly
To: glenn p
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 10:27 AM


Hi Glenn,

I apologies for this - I did mean to get back to you re my STAR build..

Its fully going ! Superb piece of equipment. Everyone of those boards works a treat - a credit to you. Worked many many stations on it and it sounds great.

Using HF12-100's as finals. I still use a hombrew Magic roundabout and IF board. A custom Timer / Power distribution board at the back.

Currently trying to get STAR4 onto TrxAVR, Ian has somewhat given up on support. I am writing some new code for the loader as there are problems with various aspects of it, which to some degree its amazing it worked on STAR2 ...

See attached for a couple of Images - need to upload more. You can add them to your site with pleasure.

New recent callsign is GW2HFR. But most will know me by 2W0KGQ. ?

Sorry for the quick E-mail, much to discuss.

Best and Kind Regards,





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