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Interfacing the RS-HFIQ to EdenDSP

I built the RS-HFIQ board from a bare PCB some years ago. RS-HFIQ requires a PC to provide control and DSP decoding/encoding from I&Q signals. After getting bored with being tied to a PC it was put away for some years.

(RS-HFIQ was initially available as a bare PCB, but is now a fully built PCB see link below.)

Enter the EdenDSP project

EdenDSP by Ron (G4GXO) is an alternative to being tied to a PC and allows the RS-HFIQ 5Watt transceiver board to be self contained with its own TFT display, controls and DSP functions. The V2.0 EdenDSP PCB is about 100x65mm, about half the size of the RS-HFIQ PCB..


EdenDSP Group

Rs-HFIQ project

This is a short Blog of my build.

March 27th 2021:

I have been aware of the EdenDSP project for some time, being a member of it's Groups.io Group but never made any posts.

The group as far as I can tell, initially concentrated on interfacing the Softrock boards to EdenDSP.

However, great work by Clarence, NT7V, has now altered the Software to allow either the RS-HFIQ or the VeteraSDR boards to interface with EdenDSP.

As far as I know only Clarence, Pete (WB9FLW) and myself (VK3PE) have interfaced the RS-HFIQ board to EdenDSP.

My own build has passed through the Receive stage and alternative (ST7735 & ILI9341) display types successfully so far. I'm in the middle now of doing some metalwork to house the boards and then move to the Transmit side of the project.

This is my (untidy) at this early point, build. It will also incorporate a W6JL PA at some point for some more power.

pictures and more soon.....................



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