Well, as much as I would love to have a selection of antenna's, at the moment, I have two only. An inverted "L" about 185' long and a newly constructed Dipole.

The dipole is 135' long and fed with 300R open wire tuned feeder line about 40' long. It's about 9M high in the centre and 7-8M at each end. UPDATE 2006: I have moved house and no longer have this antenna

So far I have it erected only and I am trying to feed it. Reading the Web, it seemed like a good idea to fit a 1:1 current balun at the end of the feeder to allow connection via Co-ax cable (short) to an antenna tuner.

I built a W2DU balun based on information by VK1OD, using ferrites from Jaycar, Cat # .LF-1258

Testing showed........................

more to come, pictures etc
draft only,come back again,
29th Aug I fitted up my SG-239 auto tuner acquired at a recent Hamfest. This tuner is basically a pcb with no housing at all so needs weather proofing. I found a nice sealed case with a clear lid, from a local electronics store and mounted the SG-239 into it, with SO-239 socket and terminal posts for the antenna.
I connected my Picastar and tried the tuner with low power. It tuned up in about 2 seconds on 80M and 40M. 20M was tried and also ok on 160M so it seems my new antenna might work. Tuning around on 40M I heard a station calling "CQ contest" and a dog pile trying to contact him. I called in also and was very pleasantly surprised for him to call me back with 5,9 reports both ways!
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