Bellett Car Club (unofficial page)

The BCCV was born in 1989


The Bellett Club (inc) was formed in 1979 and has operated continuously since then with about 50 members or so.

(Incorporated in Victoria, Regn. number A27174P)

Members Belletts'

That's one of my previous GT's, the white Bellett GT, middle right, and sedan at the top left. This is a group shot taken by a magazine for a feature which never made it into print, for some reason.

I belong to the Bellett Car Club of Victoria (Australia). This Club was formed in the late 70's by a small group of Isuzu enthusiasts and currently has over 30 members. The Club holds various outings, mostly of a social kind, with Bar-B-Que's, dinners, car trials etc usually organized every 6 to 8 weeks. A newsletter, "Bellettmania" is distributed to members at about the same time. Membership is currently only A$10 per year with a $10 joining fee. After a period of 3 months, members may avail themselves of the Isuzu parts which the Club has available, at good prices. Although the Club caters mainly for Bellett owners, other early Isuzu vehicles may also be accepted.

Peter Schroeders' hot 1965 Sedan, modified suspension, engine, LSD, fitted with a hot GTR  (1600 DOHC) engine.

Stephen Thomsons' 1969 Sedan, warm GT motor, in it's previous colour.

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My previous 1967 GT with Isuzu 2000cc DOHC efi engine Trevor Sharpes highly modified 1965 sedan (has 4 wheel discs too)  doing a spot of hill climbing.

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Jack & Shirley Taylors stock Sedan

Brett Wilds Isuzu Wasp fitted with Isuzu 2000cc DOHC, Webers, 5 speed, Rodeo discs and lots more.

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Bellett club outings, please

Examples of Previous Events

A ''rally' which finished up at Mornington.


wasp.jpg (16604 bytes) Peter Areskogs WASP

Isuzu Nationals Corowa 1994

For some time, members of the Sydney Isuzu Club and the Melbourne based Bellett Car Club have got together over a weekend or so, with other Isuzu enthusiasts at various cities in Australia, to display their cars in a "show and shine" and just generally have a good time. Here are a few photos of those occasions. Sadly, they have not been held for a number of years.


Line up of Belletts at Corowa, in New South Wales. Sedans to the left, GT's at far right.

Belletts in a row

Freezing morning at Motel in Canberra (Capital City of Australia)

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Some of the Bellett GT's at Canberra

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