My Isuzu Belletts

Over the years, since 1979, I have fully rebuilt four Japanese made Isuzu Belletts and owned a few 'parts cars'. My last being a late 1968 GT coupe which I restored in 1992 and recently sold ('2005).

I am also a member of the Bellett Car Club, which also features on these pages.


Updated July 2012:- My 'new' 1972 Sport Bellett !

click picture for details of my latest Bellett


1965 Sedan

Pictures of my 1st Bellett soon when I have space. (still looking through old photos)


I bought this car from a wreckers for $50 in about 1978. It had seen a hard life but was basically undamaged. I repaired it and fitted a Gemini 1600cc SOHC engine with 5 speed, plus a full Gemini interior and disk brakes. I painted it in a silver/gray metallic colour. It was still on the road in 1997.


Re-building my 2nd, a 1966 Bellett

My 1966 Bellett sedan was seen in the front yard of a house and the owner approached. A deal was made and the car was rebuilt over a period of 18 months at home. The original motor was full of water so it was replaced with a Japanese import 1800cc DOHC Isuzu motor, and I replaced the original twin Hitachi carbs with twin 1.75" SU carburetors. The car was re-built to appear on the outside as a standard, well maintained Bellett, but updated inside with Gemini seats, modified to fit and new door trims etc. Brakes were upgraded to use Mitsubishi disks on the front and a power booster added..

Many a unsuspecting motorist was surprised to see it pull away from them.

 Bluesed2.jpg (16301 bytes)

1966 sedan after re-painting in the original colour.

 Bluesed1.jpg (16444 bytes)

1966 sedan engine bay after painting, ready for the Isuzu 1800cc DOHC engine.

 Bluengby.jpg (18200 bytes)         Blungby.jpg (18602 bytes)


1967 GT my 3rd Bellett

I rebuilt this GT from a wrecked shell in about 1982 and fitted it with an Isuzu DOHC 2000cc engine. This engine was fitted with efi and I managed to wire it up from the remnants of the engine loom, as imported from Japan. The engine was fitted with an auto but I fitted a Rodeo 5 speed to it, with some minor modifications and also using a hydraulic clutch. Front panels are actually from a sedan as

I sold it some years ago, and it went to Queensland, but now resides in Sth Australia.

UPDATE it's now back in Vic with a new owner, currently updating the EFI system.

1967GT1.jpg (10254 bytes) 1967GT2.jpg (9503 bytes)


Bellett project.

This car and engine etc was sold to help finance my Hot Rod.

In about June 2000, the GT again changed hands and is currently under full restoration. It was last seen on a "spit" having the underneath stripped. The original motor has been stripped and found to be basically in good condition.

1967 Isuzu Bellett GT coupe

This car was purchased from a widow who had the car in storage for 4 years. It was last on the road in 1988 and was registered until 1992. I purchased the car in 1993. The car was originally sold in New Guinea. So far, I have removed some rust in the left sill panel (made a new panel) and repaired the slightly damaged front mudguards (fenders). The rear panel had been damaged in an accident and non-original tail lights were fitted. The panel has been repaired again with new sections fitted to allow the original type lights to be fitted. Other than that, this GT is in the best condition of any Bellett I have ever owned. 

The original engine has a blown a head gasket and is full of water. The plan is to fit an Isuzu Piazza 2000cc Turbo motor I have.

The Turbo is a very tight fit in a Bellett body, requiring extensive modifications to the engines oil filter casting. In fact, a new casting has been made to allow it to fit. The alternator has to be located on the right and the radiator moved backwards. A Mazda 13B turbo intercooler would also be fitted. Again, a very tight fit! A 5 speed DOHC gearbox will be fitted also.

The photo shows some trial fitting of alloy wheels. Unfortunately, neither wheel would fit.

 Rebuild.jpg (17951 bytes)

Rear repairs to tail light panel.

UPDATE: I sold this car as is and after passing thru a couple of owners, is now restored and back on the road.

My current (now sold) 1968  Isuzu  Bellett GT

This 1968 (known as 68 and a half) GT was fully re-built entirely at home over an 18 month period. It is standard except for alloy wheels and radial ply tyres. One concession to originality though, is that Gemini 1600 SOHC pistons, rings and bearings were used in the engine re-build. The car was originally first registered in May 1968 and was bought from a widow, after 18 months  of negotiation. She believed it was worth an amount more in keeping with a restored example. Considering that it needed lots of work and parts, it took some time to reach an agreement, albeit, still a little high for its condition. Anyway, the end result is as you see it here.  Sadly, I had to part with this car in 2005 due to other commitments.

68gta.jpg (12206 bytes)

Front view of my 1968 Bellett GT.

 68gtfr.jpg (16047 bytes)

The re-built 1600cc OHV engine with twin SU copies develops 93 hp

 Gt-eng4.gif (39289 bytes)

Digital camera shot of totally re-built engine, 23rd August 1993


Gt-eng.jpg (13553 bytes)

Engine installed in the car.


UPDATE: I sold the car restored as above and it now resides in NSW. The new owner has further refined the car and also fitted Minilite style wheels. It looks great.


I hope you liked my selection of Belletts.

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