December Meeting 2006

Well, the BCCV December 2nd meeting at Kingís restaurant turned out to be a virtual non-event. Glenn and Milena waited from the appointed time of 11:45am until well after 12 before deciding nobody else was coming. Dissapointing. Anyway, after taking the $2.50 train into the City, we decided to make a day of it anyway and had lunch at an alternative venu as we decided to look around Southbank. The markets under the Arts centre were a great attraction, not only to us, but thousands of Melbournians and tourists. Lots of interesting and some whacky handcrafts etc to be seen. How people think of these things I just donít know. Perhaps they donít have a Bellett and have more free time LOL.

Late news. We later found out that Peter B. turned up, just after we left. Sorry Peter.