A gas tank for my 1930 Ford coupe

I tried to build a gas tank for my Hotrod coupe, using mild steel sheet. Due to the large amount of welding required, I got a lot of distortion. I decided not to persevere with it and get a custom made alloy tank.

It turns out that a custom tank won't be too expensive and will save me a lot of hassle and time.

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Last updated August 13, 2010

22nd July. I ordered the new 2.5mm thick aluminium tank. It will be a similar shape to the steel one and hold about 65 litres. Hopefully enough for the Chev's thirst.

31st July. Ian & Peter rang me to pick up the tank for a trial fit before final welding. I need to make sure everything fits all right and also position the filler and breather pipes.

The cut outs in the corners are to clear the loudspeakers to be mounted in the brace behind the seats. The tank fits with about 3/8" clearance behind the frame which slopes backwards at the top. There are "L" shaped brackets low down on the sides of the tank which allow bolts to pass into my tapped brackets, which were shown on another page.

As you can see, the tank even now, looks great (it's covered in plastic at the moment) and fits like a glove. I shortened up the filler neck I removed from a small Mazda car and placed it into position.

This is how the filler pipe will mate up with a piece of suitable rubber hose in between. A filling breather pipe is also to be fitted back to the fuel cap which will be shown later.

Views from Inside the cabin.

9th Aug 2000 Here it is, the finished gas tank.

The breather pipe and guage sender fittings are on the left side here. It holds about 65 litres.