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One of my plans, when building this Rod, was to have a polished stainless steel exhaust system.

After lots of questions the plan is to use 2" diameter 316 stainless tube and make up the system by welding pre made (mandrel bent) bends. I purchased the tube and bends from a food tubing supplier as it was cheaper than sourcing through regular exhaust shops, plus it comes already polished, a big bonus.

Here is the tubing ( a 6 meter length cut in two for transport) and one of the 90 degree bends.

I bought 8 of those bends plus a couple of 45 degree bends. Hopefully, enough bends to finish the system.

More to come later as I start to piece together an exhaust system

Mild steel tube and bends can also be purchased and would be a cheaper solution, but would then require coating to prolong the systems life.

A disadvantage of stainless steel is the specialised welding required. To avoid a black oxidisation inside the tube when welding it is normal to seal the tube and put argon inside while welding.Below, you can see what a beautiful piece of welding resulted on the collector. These are to replace the steel piece on the right. A work of art I'm sure you will agree. No, I did not make or weld it. A good friend of my wife's did it for me. Thank you John.

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