Fitting a repro windscreen frame to my 1930 Ford coupe

I have mentioned on other pages, the difficulty in fitting reproduction parts to the A model Ford coupe. Virtually every part has had some problem and the aluminium windscreen frame is no exception.

When the frame is placed in position, the top seems to fit too far out from the body windscreen pillar. The bottom fits up OK with the result being a tapering gap up to to the top. It is very difficult to correct this unless very thick rubber seals are used. This is a Band-Aid fix really and will always look out of place.

Comparing the aluminium frame with an original frame, the reason becomes very clear. The repro frame is mounted closer to the pivot point of the hinge giving about a 4mm offset.

The only way to correct this, is to move the pivot point back, obviously. To do this, the upper panel to which the frame is attached, must be modified.


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Last modified August 13, 2010
At the moment, one way I can see to correct this, is to mount the upper panel about 4mm further back from its normal position.

This picture shows the "lip" from above has been removed and also a notch made so it can fit over the top of the pillar to allow it to move back.

The exact distance needs to be determined on an individual case as there may be other variations from car to car. Remember:- measure often, cut ONCE.

Now, when re-fitted, the repro windsceen frame fits correctly !

All that remains is to check if this has created any problems inside the coupe.

The panel in this picture, is a new, hand made panel.

New page 4th Dec 2000

There is a problem at the ends of the upper panel, as they interfere with the pillar.

In this picture, you can the original position of the upper panel, against the (simulated) pillar. It is about 4-5mm proud of the pillar.

So, the ends of this panel need to be reworked, around the pillars in order to move it backwards..

DEc 2000, updated August 13, 2010

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