My father acquired this car for the sum of one pound ($00.50) back in 1959 ? as a pile of parts. The car had belonged to a country doctor  in NSW but had only covered 7000 miles from new. It had been dismantled by an inquisitive young man on a farm and then stored away in various places. It was re-built by my father and is shown here in 1965 finished, with him at the wheel. As a boy, I remember great times in this car, on many Veteran car rallies we participated in. My duties were to polish the brass on the car, and to hand crank start it. I even drove it, as a Learner driver.
My Dad and I started to restore this "A" model Ford in about 1982. My Dad rebuilt the chassis and engine etc whilst I did the bodywork at night school, replacing much of the rusty metal. Unfortunately, due to a shift of location, my Dad was unable to take the car with him and it was sold to a lucky restorer with all of the hard work done.
1914 Austin
1928 Ford tourer

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May 28, 2000