Jan 2005, updated August 12, 2010

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I cut out the upper sections and then welded them back in, forming a recess of 40mm. The lower piece was cut from new steel.
Now the bottom is filled in using the piece of new firewall I was making (below) 40mm strips are also to be added in the vertica gaps.
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As I did not have any steel of that thickness, i used the original pieces and after much cutting & welding, the result is a recessed centre section of about 80mm whilst the front face is level with the edge of the cowl section.

Front is flat with all original  holes filled. Note new horizontal swaged line just over half way down. Old swages are retained.

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Almost finished after 5 days work MIG welding together about 15 pieces. Just like a jigsaw!!

Inside view (square hole at right is for steering column)

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This is the original firewall, which was cut to clear the engine during the chassis construction. It would be easier if this cut had not been made ! The firewall needs to be moved back about 80mm (3")

I removed the rounded section of firewall which is about 40mm thick or so. The edge piece is welded to a steel frame to retain the shape.

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Firewall for my 1930 Ford Hotrod

With some paint primer to prevent rust. Steering column has since been fitted in the hole.

I was originally going to make a new, flat, firewall but decided to rework the original firewall instead. The idea is to remove the rounded edge section of the 1930 firewall which will allow the front surface to be moved back by about 40mm. Then a recessed section of 40mm will be formed in the centre, by cutting and welding. This will then clear the engine although another smaller recessed section is required to clear the HEI distributor.  I could have used a smaller distributor, but the HEI one came with the engine. I'm also trying not to have any holes in the firewall.

Upon completion, I think perhaps I should have retained the rounded edge for a better appearance. Since my engine is set back a fair amount, that may have been difficult to do. Too late now!

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