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Oct 2003, updated July 28, 2010

This page will constantly be under construction, as will the Rod !!!  

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Inspiration for my 1930 Ford Coupe Hotrod

Every now and then, I see an A model coupe Hotrod that inspires me. Just as well, because when you are building a Rod and time is slipping by, it's easy to be tempted to give it all away, when progress is slow. So, these cars act a bit like a drug, to pick you up and keep going. They are a similar style of Rod to what I am building myself. Here are some pictures of those cars.

This car was shipped over from New Zealand for the 14th Australian Rod Nats. It was previously a restored car, converted into a Rod by the owner. Features EFI Ford V8 engine.

Victorian Rod, probably built around 1990, by the number plate sequence.

click to enlarge Shane's 1931 beauty

My car should look something like a cross between the above two Rods. It will be stock bodied like the lower Rod, but run without bumper bars,  like the upper Rod. Wheels will be as below.