For my 1930 Ford coupe Hotrod, I need a radiator over flow tank to retain the expanded radiator fluid when hot and decided to build my own, from aluminium.

A length of 2:" (50mm) aluminium pipe was obtained with a reasonable wall thickness, plus some 3/8" tube and some 1/2 thick flat. A small amount of 2" solid rod is also need for the ends.

You need access to a lathe for this job but high accuracy is not required. Some internal threading is needed also.

No guarantees are given or implied as to the suitability of this material for any purpose whatsoever.

JULY 2001, Updated August 12, 2010

This page will constantly be under construction, as will the Rod !!!  

Overflow tank for a Hotrod Updated August 12, 2010

I bought an alloy screw in cap, but one could be turned up in the lathe also.

Both ends of the tube were trued up in the lathe.

The bottom end cap was made from the solid 2" material with a shoulder, so it fitted into the tube. At the top, a similar piece was made but with an internal thread to suit the cap used.

The smaller tube was then cut to length and adapters turned up for entry at the bottom end. The bottom cap will be drilled to accept these tubes also. The short tube goes to the radiator overflow cap.

Another piece of 2" rod was turned to fit inside, near the top, to support the small tube.

I will take all the pieces to an alloy welder, to finish off the job. I'm not sure if I will polish or paint the finished tank at this stage.


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