Making a new floor for my 1930 Ford coupe
On other pages, I made up a new floor frame, using 2"x1" rectangular steel tube which approximates the old floor frame. Over this frame, the body panels have been fitted and now I have made up some of the actual floor panels. These will eventually have a pattern beaded into them to make them stronger. All flooring has been made from 0.9mm steel sheet.

A fair bit more work needs to be done to make access holes for the battery and master cylinder also, in the panel beneath the seats.

In the trunk, you can see some added frame pieces which will be for the fuel tank mounting. These have had nuts welded inside to take the bolts which will pass through flanges on the sides of the alloy tank. See tank menu below for pictures of the alloy tank.

No guarantees are given or implied as to the suitability of this material for any purpose whatsoever.

These are the rear most floor panels in the trunk. They have a mild swage to stiffen them a little.

At the left, there is a gap for access to the blinker light bulbs. A step has been formed in the floor panels to allow a piece of MDF to fit flush with the floor, for access.

Updated August 13, 2010