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"No bolts firewall" on my 1930 Ford Coupe Hotrod and fitting a heater/demister.


As I'm trying to maintain  "no visible bolts" on the firewall of my Hotrod, I needed to find a way to mount the steering column where it passes through the firewall. Here is how I did it.

I made an oval hole for the column to pass through and tacked welded the piece in. I made 2 bolt holders (left of pic.) from 1/4" thick x 1" steel, drilled  a hole and welded the head of a bolt into a  counter bored hole at the rear, then ground it flush.
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 The two brackets were bent to the column angle and a slot was cut in each bracket. This is necessary as the bolt will enter the slot at an angle due to the column angle. The photo shows the final position of the brackets.  The length of the slots will depend on the angle of the column and the length of the bolts used. The top bracket (right) was also reinforced with a side piece as the bolt is further from the column. Probably overkill as there should be little stress on the column. Here are the two brackets in place before welding to the fire wall and column. This is the tricky bit and I will tack weld all in place, remove the column and finish weld.  (MIG) 

Care should be taken that there are no flammable parts inside the column, before welding!

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Here in Australia, closed cars normally require the fitting of a front window demister system for registration. As I'm already fitting a heater (from a '67 Datsun Bluebird) that has a demister function, it only remains to fit suitable outlets to allow warm air to clear the screen. On an improved A model Ford coupe, which has an opening front window, there are a series of slots above the dashboard through which it is easy to blow air. All you need is some sort of outlet and then piping to the heater. 

(This is an adaptation of the demister vents system used by Shane's 30 coupe on my home page)

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These are the slots above the standard A model dashboard. A hole will be cut as indicated, one on each side so the tubes below can be fitted through the dash to the heater with the outlet pointing up into the dash slots towards the windscreen.

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A piece of suitable sized exhaust pipe was bent by the supplier and I cut off the section shown. Two pieces can be cut from the one bend.

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The resulting oval hole is tapped in on the end and a small piece of flat sheet steel was welded at the bottom of the hole to give an approximately square hole for the vent outlet.

This outlet hole will fit under the dashboard slot and the other end will pass through the round hole in the dashboard. It will be welded to the dash with a couple of spots of weld.  The inside of the pipe  will be painted black.

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Here's the left side vent fitted into the dashboard. It will be covered by the dash panel used in an A model coupe. All that remains is to run a flexible hose behind the dash, to the heater demist outlet.

Coming soon ?

How to fit a heater without having ugly water hoses pass through the firewall


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