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The Australian Ute  

Back in the '30s, a farmer approached the Ford motor company in Australia, saying he wanted a vehicle in which he could take his wife to Church on Sundays and his pigs to market during the week. Ford came up with the "ute" or Utilitarian vehicle.  That's my recollection of the story anyway.

Shown below are the current versions of the Commodore (GM) and Falcon (Ford).

Both are based on the sedans.

Typical tradesmans ute, with ladder rack, no frills.Often seen with owners dog in the back! In this case a Commodore with (Buick) V6 engine. Also available is a 5 litre V8 auto or 5 speed manual trans.

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This is a modified version, with V8 engine, body kit, alloys etc. Lots of these around.

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This is the Ford XR6 version with hotter 6 cylinder engine  V8 is optional.

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The new Ford Falcon ute has been a huge sales success. It is available in cab/chassis or cab/utility body.

Pictures as soon as I can photograph all models.



Just for fun, a Melbourne VT Commodore Police car ! 

The (GM) Commodore and Ford Falcon sedans are used by all Police forces in Australia.

Police pak:- V8 auto, heavy duty suspension and electrics, calibrated speedo!

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Another Police car now seen in Melbouirne,  is the Suburu WRX



Thursday, May 18, 2000