Visit to York, Pennsylvania. USA Street Rod Nats, June 2001

This is a trip I have dreamed about for years. Going to the USA to see street rods. Well it finally came true when I arranged with Bill (30 Ford coupe), Jeff (30 Chev and 32 Olds) and Mike (30 Ford coupe) to see them in person and go with Bill and Jeff to see the Nats. I also arranged with Mike to meet him in Boston and also at York.

So, In May 2001, Milena and I flew to the States for a short bus tour of eastern USA and Canada where we met Mike, then later met Bill and Jeff.

We both had a ball. Driving over 400 miles in real Hotrods with Bill and Jeff to the York Nats where we tried to see as many of the over 5500 Hotrods as possible. Too many to see all of them but we gave it our best shot. I even got to drive Bill's 30 Coupe. Thanks Bill.

Bill, Janet, Jeff, Debb, Mike and Pat were great hosts and treated us like family, to see and feel some of the USA and of course, Hotrods! Thanks guys. We had the time of our lives. I even picked up a couple of items for my Coupe.

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The Rod show was unbelievable. It was just not possible over two days to see all the cars. The event is held in the york fairgrounds which has a number of buildings which were used for the trade displays.