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January 30, 2005

This page will constantly be under construction, as will the Rod !!!  

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Transmission tunnel for my 1930 Ford Coupe Hotrod

The floor frame of my 1930 Ford coupe is homemade from 2x1" tube and the transmission (a T700) area needs a cover.

I made a wood mockup and used cardboard templates to fabricate the steel cover and also the toe board.

See new version below:-
My favorite method of construction was used here, to make a stiffening edge on the shifter hole. A wooden form was made and the metal "hammer formed" over it.

The result is a nicely formed edge for the shifter to fit into. This edge stiffens the hole considerably.

The shifter being used is a GM T700 shifter with a handmade new shaft and handle.

NOTE: now changed. See below.

The toe board was made from a flat sheet of 1.6mm steel, with the top and bottom edges bent on an angle, to suit the floor and firewall.

The toe board will be removable, so access to the body front mounting bolts is retained.

Jan 2005:- After fitting up the steering, I again sat in the car (vroom vroom!) and think maybe the legroom is a bit restricted by this "squareish" design of trans cover. So, I made a wire pattern for a more trans. hugging style and formed up a cover from steel in a more curved shape. Thin card was placed over the pattern, then cut to size. The pattern was used to cut the steel.

A second piece of steel was curved by eye and cut to fit upto and behind the main section around the bell housing, then welded to it. I like the look of this style better, also.

For the shifter, a "U" shaped section was cut out and a vertical piece of steel about 40mm high (1.5") trimmed to the same contour as the cover, then welded to it.

On the top of the vertical edge (not visible) a horizontal strip about 1/2" wide was welded around the opening for the Shifter (modified GM) to be bolted to.

Holes will be tapped and eventually, a boot will be held on by the same screws. At least thats the thinking right now.

Later, the section to the rear of the shifter will be filled in to take the handbrake and the toe board (from above) will be modified to suit the new tunnel..

































See new version below:-