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October 23, 2003

This page will constantly be under construction, as will the Rod !!!  

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Making front Valance panel on my 1930/31 Ford Hotrod

I was going to use a "standard" type front valance panel but decided to alter it a bit, to suit the IFS on the car. Actually, I made new a one from scratch as it is simpler.

This is a mock-up of the style I am going to try. The sides conform more to the chassis rails and sweep down to the central section. We are supposed to fit a front number plate here in this state, so one is dummied in place. It will be recessed into the panel and the bottom edge of the panel cut along the black line and the edge folded under.

We are also required to have more than 100mm (4") clearance to the road so the bottom edge was made just a little higher.

Here is the recess for the number plate. This was done on a stepped swaging roller, whilst the bottom edge either side has a rounded swage line. After the swages were done, about 3/8" was folded back, at right angles, using a hammer and dolley. This is to stiffen the bottom edge.

The top still has to be recessed to fit under the bottom edge of the radiator shell.

Front view
Rear view
Next step will be to make the side sections. These will have a rounded swage line across the bottom edge, to meet up with the panel already made.
























22nd Oct 2003