My Hotrod chassis was built at Vintage and Classic Garage in Melbourne (thanks Geoff and Ian) as my expertise(?) lies more in the body work side of things. It has been boxed and stepped up at the rear by 2.75".  The chassis now has a central cross member different to the "K" member usually fitted to an A model Ford rod. I didn't want to be the same as everyone else, so my basic idea of a central 4"x 2" cross tube fitted with a pair of fore and aft 1.25" round tubes running from the brake pedal area, back to just in front of the rear axle, was executed brilliantly by Ian.


At the front right hand side, the brake pedal brackets have been incorporated and at the rear, the XA Falcon brake booster and master cylinder. A Wilwood proportioning valve is also fitted. On the left side of the chassis, at the rear, the battery container is incorporated into the tube work also. The battery will be a Mercedes Benz style (DIN 55) which is a low profile type, with recessed terminals. I dismantled the body panels for rust repairs and used a molasses bath to de-rust all the panels, rather than sandblasting, which is too harsh on old metal.

Engine is a crate Gen 2, Chev 350, trans is T700. Rear end is 8" Ford with disk brakes. Front is Stainless Steel IFS, made in Australia.


My 1930 Ford Coupe Hotrod chassis