PICaSTAR Band Pass Filter results

These are from my Combo PICaSTAR PCB build.

Last updated on June 29, 2010 minor changes

This page shows the results of the band pass filters wound so far, using Toko 10k formers. The PCB can take other types of formers also. I have results also of Lodestone formers at the end of this page.

I had to increase the number of turns previously calculated (and used on my other STAR without problems) by 4 turns on the 160 and 80M coils. Perhaps the Toko's were a different grade.

Click pictures below for larger views.

160M (60 turns of 0.15mm) Bandwidth is a little narrow. I adjusted for best compromise over the full band. Dan, G3NCR, is having a look at this using Elsie and I will report his findings later. These results are from an HP8753 Network Analyzer. Not mine unfortunately.

80M (28 turns of 0.15mm) Nice response, loss about 4dB

40M (39 turns of 0.15mm) Nice response, loss about 5.7dB



For 20M and above, Lodestone formers were used. This time I used my newly built N2PK VNA for the 1st time, to align the filters.

Details are in the pdf file here in the form of graphs.

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