Bill, N4BKT's Combo Star build.


Bill is still contemplating the fitting of PCB's to a nice case he found. Hope you don't mind me borrowing some pictures, Bill.

Msg #4756 on Yahoo Homebrew Radios group Feb 21, 2010

Hey Guys,

I got a chassis for my Combo board at the hamfest- it appears I may not have quite enough room for the 320 x 240 display and encoders. I either need to use the 128 x64 display and encoders or the touch pad and no encoders. Not having any experience actually operating a picastar yet, aside from cost, does anyone have a pointer as to an obvious advantage of one over the other?

I have photos of the chassis and a paper mock-up linked on my blog here: if anyone would like to see.

I destroyed an instrument that sold originally for about $3800 in 2001 to get the chassis- but it was practically free to me- and much less work for a nice case. I love a good hamfest.

I heard Harold W4ZCB on 20M this PM working a Swede- nice signal down here in FL even though beaming elsewhere.

Bill N4BKT



Created on 22nd Feb, 2010