Hi Glenn,

You have forgotten to add me in your builder list !

I started the build in October 2010 and now (Aug 2011) my Combo PICASTAR is 100% functional, I must only finish PAs and LPF to be on air. See attached files, star picture.

I have realized a French website, to describe the star building, and my personal experience about SDR.

You can find it here:

Best 73 to you.

Franck F1SSF

Franck has made a nice job of his STAR with a graphics 320 x 240 display <vk3pe>

click pictures for larger size.

Front panel & Combo pcb


Testing Combo board & front panel detail


BPF section & rear of STAR


Case homebuilt with inbuilt speakers & front


In the Shack & 20w and 140w PA's almost finished


Tx LPF almost finished.


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