F5VJM's PICaSTAR builds.

Not one, but Roy has built 3 magnificent PICaSTAR's.


8/13/2011 12:23:13 AM

Hi Glenn

As promised a few pics of my "Stars." As you will see the Combostar 3 has plenty of room inside so I'm going to put a PSU inside.
It was going to be an SMPS but too many sproggies for my liking so I'm just gathering bits for a linear fan cooled PSU.

Star 1 (the smallest) was built month by month as Radcom was published. Star 2 was a better mechanical job, both these used homebrew PCB's.

Strange how the Stars have increased in size over the years, some say it's to do with my ageing eyesight........... Hi.

Many thanks for your input on this project, as I said before I love the colour screen !

Regards Roy f5vjm (g3rzc when I lived in UK)

See pictures of Roy's 3 builds below. Click each picture for more detail.

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