Winding Coils for the BPF in PICaSTAR

Leonid, 4Z7LES, bought some Toko coils from ebay, quite cheap, in 100 off lots. These are the type with the larger cores (not the recommended 10K type by G3XJP for STAR) and it is interesting to see results that he has achieved. These coils do not have the segmented winding area but a single winding area on what appears to be a ferrite core. This is experimental at this time.

TOKO coils, eBay item 200825218793 at 18th Jan 2013 (US$18.00 /100 + $3.50 approx postage) May all be gone by now.

Hello Glenn!

160M tests;-



18th Jan, 2012.

By the way, Leonid has an N2PK VNA fitted with a colour TFT display.

see markers;- details of windings later.





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