PICASTAR BPF coils, winding details?

Leonid, 4Z7LES, bought some Toko coils from ebay, quite cheap, in 100 off lots. These are the type with the larger cores (not the recommended 10K type by G3XJP for STAR) and it is interesting to see results that he has achieved. These coils do not have the segmented winding area but a single winding area on what appears to be a ferrite core. This is experimental at this time.

TOKO coils, eBay item 200825218793 at 18th Jan 2013 (US$18.00 /100 + $3.50 approx postage) May all be gone by now.


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Subject: Re: FLT 160m BUILD

for 160m coil have 56T;wire is 0,15~0,18mm. this wire is , 56T not make full coil's sufficient framework.
the inductance value is 40uHy on core only, with ferrit CAN is up to 77uHy and final value inc metal & ferrit CAN goes to 73uHy. this range coils can be variable from 43uHy to 76uHy

so i have same declaration for values of re-winded coils of all BPF:-

1,25uHy = 9T
1,67uHy = 10,5T
10uHy = 25T
12,5uHy = 28T
16,67uHy = 33T
24,5uHy & 25uHy = 40T
50,1uHy = 56T
single coil 3,3uHy have 15T
7,15uHy is ready from 100pc's , but if some one wish to change and re-winding coils, desired value will have 21,5T

Please also see the Word file, link is below for 'final' values.


More:- 24th Jan 2013

Hello !
procedure how to change ready one inductor to own type, for coils with value 1,2uHy & 1,67uHy.
always it's simple to open metal CAN, but need very carefull move a way with long nose plier 2 metal connections. it's must to put plier close to base of coil, after this remove all coil with ferrite from metal enclosure. now release plastic enclosure. it's consist of two points with clips. carefully insert narrow screwdriver between black coils base and clips and remove plastic inclosure out of coil. now You have coil wounded on ferrit base. put it with connection pins up and release wire end from right pin. now There is two ways : You can remove all the wire from coils ferrite base and rewind 9 turns or start count down to remove 11 turns. Why I suggested two ways: when You have new coil is made by the machine and all turns is close one to other. it's give high Q value. but if You remove all wire and make by yourself 9 turns.
There are two kinds of coils inside kit. some of wires have red color and other be in yellow color. This is identical absolutely.
now solder back free wire to the right side pin. check value of coil on L-meter, it must be 1uHy. assembly it back, now coil may vary from 1,13uHy to 2uHy. this operation You need to do 6 times to get 1,25uHy and 1,67uHy coils of BPF
I have attached MS-Word's format file table for all final values. You can put it in Your site, also i attach photo of all re-winded coils in set for BPF and single coil for 3,3uHy value.


OK! by the way, You can add one more important thing: each inductor has now been tested more than two times, because we have assembled coil and coil w/o metal and ferrit slug. it's give full indication if you have mistakes in every step of filter assembly.


NOTE: winding wire specified above may be very difficult to buy from most hobby electronics supplies. <vk3pe>


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