Bill, N7OQ has built a Classic Star, with all home made PCB's and a PCB case.

November, 2014


I have some pictures, they are on photobucket.. (see link below)

My boards are home made and the case is plain PCB type case. But I have a new case that will incorporate the new display.

I just finished a spectrum analyzer project so the picastar took a back seat but with the SA I will be able to fine tune the Picastar filters. It will be interesting to see the rf output too. The SA also has tracking generator, and VNA and goes up to 3ghz.

Also I'm in the process of finishing my ham shack, texturing and painting and will start moving in my gear next week. Will have separate work bench from my operating desk will be nice to separate the two.
Sorry about long winded hi hi.

Bill, N7OQ

Bill is now planning to 'upgrade' his Star to a Trxavr controller and a TFTA display.

Bill has a number of pictures here.



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