DAN, AC6AO's Combo Version "P1" build progress

Dan has done a lot, in less than a month of building, since receiving the PCB's. In fact he has virtually finished the PCB assembly and will soon move the to the metalwork.

You will see that Dan has added a lot of personal touches to his build.

6th March 2013

Hi Glenn,

Yes, I have a fully functioning and aligned P1 set of boards and I'm well aware of how much still lies ahead!

I haven't decided yet on the case. I do have another one of the Tau Tron™ cases like I used for the combo build, but it depends on what I'm going to use for a PA. I did build one of the 100W "Munin" amps that was proposed for the HPSDR project, in fact I was one of the beta builders, but I was never very happy with the distortion levels I was seeing which seemed to be a bit too high for comfort, but I might use that but limit it to 50 Watts out. Or maybe in a smaller case, I'll just stick with the 20 Watt PA.

Pictures, I have done some but the bench is a mess as always :^) When I feel strong, I will drag out the big spectrum analyser and do some plots of the BPF as threatened. I don't mind winding toroids, so for me it's an easy decision to get the slight performance advantage and it's not a lot more work than winding all those Tokos™. A lot cheaper than Lodestone™ as well.

73 - Dan

7th March 2013:- Dan has kindly passed on information on how he used Toroids in the BPF. (pdf file 200kB)

A reminder though, use of other than the specified inductors by G3XJP, who designed PICASTAR, is not supported by any of the yahoo groups that PICASTAR builders may be members of. The information is presented for those who wish to experiment.

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