VK3PE's Combo "P1" version build



VK3PE is the 'designer' of the Combo version PCB's for G3XJP's PICASTAR. VK3PE usually builds up a set of any of the 'new' version PCB sets to ensure there are no issues with the boards.

This particlar version has provision for an experimental OCXO based on an eBay one that seems to be reasonable available. It requires the DDS to be set in the x4 mode. The latest Trxavr software (1.73) needs to be loaded as previous versions did not support the x4 mode.

Partially built PCB's under test in Rx mode.


The heatsink on the 20W PA was later replaced with a 'decent' finned type.

Home made case, made from 100mm "U" shaped extrusion. A 1.6meter length (min order qty. in VK) has plenty of material for one case and cost about $25. A fair bit of cutting, filing, drilling etc is required but this was done to see how a home brew case could be made. A matching power supply and speaker box was also made but using 60mm extrusion. The power supply is a 12v type at 30 amps. The voltage can be adjusted and will be set closer to 13.8V.

This build uses the optional colour TFT display, in this case a 4.3" touch screen type. Note the "buttons" on the screen have yet to be assigned their functions.

Not quite finished, screws later replaced with countersunk types. These screws are 3mm type. Internally, there is a 12mm "L" shaped extrusion, tapped to suit 3mm and this holds the corners together. On the actual Combo rig, 4mm screws were used. Later, the case will be painted and lettered. The speaker box could sit on the top if desired also.