John, G0IKZ's Combo P2a version build

John got his PCB's about late 2013, I think, and has made excllent progress. All parts loaded and appears very close to being on air, if not already, in bench testing form.

John is using a home brew tuning encoder by the look if it.

As you can see, the P2a etc boards require very little inter wiring to get them going. P2a is a split 'main' PCB. The only other PCB's are the PA's and LPF boards, not shown here but are supplied with the PCB set.

Jan 2016 John has progressed very well with his build and now has most of the mechanical work done. I especially like his method of hinging the PCB's up to obtain room underneath. <vk3pe)

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October 31st, 2014


Just to demonstrate that my Star and your boards are progressing well.
The next stage is to pass some real signals!!!!

Many thanks,

John, G0IKZ

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