Michel, f1chm, Combo Version "P1" build progress

Michel is a prolific homebrewer and builder of PICASTARS and these are his latest builds.

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Michel, F1CHM, sent me these pictures of an incredible 9th Picastar build.

This one is based on the VK3PE Version "P2" PCB set and also features toroid adapter BPF boards and Peak-SWR board based on the good work of G3VPX.

Michel reports excellent results using the Toroid BPF adaption.

Michel is a very talented home brew builder as you can see, and wastes no time in loading and getting his PICASTAR's on the air.

Click pictures for more details:

Below, note use of toroid BPF adapter boards (vk3pe)

Below, PA's and LPF, also Peak SWR at left


UPDATED 27th March, 2013

Michel has reported that he now has the Combo P1 build on the air, running 20Watts. 140W PA will be added later.

Click on pictures for larger size

I think Michel has made his own case for his Combo although has made it wider than the minimum, possibly for more front space..


View from bottom. Peak SWR on left, top is LPF, centre 140W PA (unfinished) bottom is 20W PA.


Undergoing tests




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