Pascal, VK2IHL, has almost finished his Combo PICASTAR

28th Jan 2015

High Glenn,

I am very please to report to you about my PicoStar, It is almost finished, except for the front fascia, labeled with laser printed A4 paper.
Will play with my Star for a while to find out the ergonomic of all function knobs, then will proceed to a photo etch silk stencil for final make up.

The original Ameritec AM8 case (210 x 260 x 80) had been altered with 27mm aluminium strip to accommodate front display PCB.

PA stage is a combined of an 8 x RD16HF for a better low profile thermally spreading and a low cost approach, it passed the ugly point to point wiring, a PCB had been etched.

I received your (2nd) PCB set today, It will be part of a home station with Panadapter .

Many thanks for your very supportive attitude and warm regards to both you.




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