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Combo "P2" version PCB set for PICASTAR, partially loaded, plus parts.


This is a part built and tested PCB. The DSP and audio section has been fully loaded and tested OK. << Video link

VK3PE partly built up this P2 pcb recently and it's for sale. I already have several STARs built and don't really need another !

All of the PCB's in the P2 set are included. The main PCB's and also the 20W and 140W PA's plus Low pass filter PCB's are included. Only the section shown has been fitted with parts, but:-

Included for FREE, also are many other parts for the build but not fitted. Many of the SMD resistors and capacitors and some additional IC's, through hole capacitors etc are included too at no cost. Here is a list showing the extra parts supplied. VK3PE will also include a free TFT pcb and a Toroid BPF adapter pcb set.

I would prefer that it goes to a builder who will finish off the build, not simply put it away for another day. NOW SOLD.

Cost is as follows:

PCB set for PICASTAR Combo "P2" version $75.90
DSP & AF parts fitted, value at least...... $20.00 see picture
many other parts, including 4 sets of Toko coils to rewind for BPF
see picture
Toroid adapter PCB
Postage and packing box (post is $38.05) refer $40.00
TOTAL $135.90
TOTAL including Paypal 3.7% surcharge NOTE payment is Australian Dollars only $140.92

I also have a 10M4D crystal filter and matching 2nd Local oscillator crystal which is an extra $22 if required. (only with above, not sold seperately)

Click for larger pictures:

this PCB is the one thats part loaded, DSP and AF section.

the parts maybe added to as I find some more.





16th Aug 2013