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This is NOT an official site, but a place, mainly for VK Hams, to look for component sourcing information, to build this radio. Also, some pictures of my build,so far.

And a source of a limited set of PCB's for STAR. See Link below.

March, 2010, these PCB's no longer available. Refer to Combo star now.

During the build (so far) of my own PICASTAR, a lot of components have to be sourced from many places, including a number of countries. Build of a STAR will also be somewhat influenced by the state of your own "junk box". In my case, I had quite a few SMD parts and used them. Because of that, I made my own PCB's in some cases, to suit parts at hand, but followed the size and general layouts of the original STAR PCB's but adding any modifications that have been in the "official mods" document and to my artwork.

Working out just what you actually need, I found to be very frustrating, due to changes made along the way with STAR. You need to read all the documents, digest, then read again. Hopefully I now have a handle on this and have made my lists available here. They are in Excel format, so you can play with them as you like. eg sorting, combine into one list etc.

You can download my own parts lists and general information on the basis that it includes all known parts for each PCB, BUT may have some variations in physical dimension. i.e.. An SMD part may have been used in place of a DIP IC, smaller resistors may have been used. I used no 1206 parts, mainly 0805 or even 0603. These may test the eyesight a little more, but my near 60yo eyes had no real problems.

If you are building STAR to the original artworks, or those of official alternate boards, the information here should still be useful, but you will have to substitute packages. e.g.. 1206 for my 0805 parts, etc. The parts lists show reference number, value, footprint and some notes.

All known modifications have been incorporated, as at June, 2007, from the official STAR web site. (http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/picastar/ )

My own STAR can now receive signals!

General build info document (Word) 24kb 040807 updated

General parts sourcing (pdf) 32kb 040807 updated

PICASTAR encourages builders to make their own PCB's and this is to be applauded. I handmade made all my own also, so know what's involved.To some potential builders, this may not be possible, for various reasons.

Due to some fortunate circumstances, I also have some one-off pro made PCB's now for my own STAR.

Following discussions on the PICaSTAR Yahoo group, Peter has given his permission for a limited number of PCB's to be made for registered STAR builders ONLY. (Ref post 22857, from Peter, G3XJP, on Tues July 31, 12:16pm)


PCB's for a PICASTAR, click here for details, assy info, BOM's.



A sample board is my MR below. Click to enlarge. This is my own layout, but it's a one off, made through some fortunate circumstances. (Ignore the "4 layers"!) Not fitted it yet, but tests OK.

. If you compare with the original STAR, you will see it is almost identical in layout but has the latest PADS mods.

I previously made a home brew version of this PCB. (picture at bottom) On this "new" version, note the use of 0805 parts, plus the official "PAD" mods. (2 extra transistors near lower right balun transformer) I also used some commercial 4:1 transformers, which I happened to have in the junk box. The pads on the PCB though, should enable a home-made balun core type to be fitted (details in STAR documents) or indeed, Mini-Circuits parts can be used. I had to use alternate balun cores, as the Epcos type are not available in VK.



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