TrxAVRB interface

TrxAVRB is a design by G3VPX for a new interface to the PICaSTAR transceiver designed by G3XJP.

PICaSTAR used a 7 segment display but this new design replaces the Picnmix display with a text or Graphical LCD display.

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NOTE: ALL drawings etc on this page and those linked to, are for the PCB pictured below from 2009.

Drawings do NOT apply to later Combo versions of the PICASTAR PCB where the Trxavr section was either supplied as a small PCB or self contained on the Combo PCB.


Trxarvb build page added here with build information, errors etc.

PLEASE USE this link.


The information below is general in nature, see link above for building your PCB's.



320x240 display.


14th August, 2009: This is the ACTUAL PCB Panel. Click for larger size view.


This controller PCB is actually part of the panel above.


The PCB "panel" is several PCB's to build this interface. See pictures above.

The simplest and cheapest display is the text based 4 x 20 character based LCD

Next, is a 128x64 graphical display.

Then a 320x240 pixel graphical display.

Ian is also working on a nice Colour display. This requires the TFT_A pcb. (not supplied by VK3PE)

Below is my single board PICASTAR with the TrxAVRB integration.

(Uses Crystalfontz display and is unfinished, not all controls fitted)

320x240 pixel graphical display:-

This CF display has a backlighting current of One Amp ! It is not recommended. CF do however have other similar displays with white BL and are more suitable. Refer to the Bill of materials above.

Aug 11th, I now have a white on blue from them which is much better. BL current is less than 100mA.

Michel, F1CHM,has a PICaSTAR with graphical display well under way. Michel is using the white on blue 320x240 "Ebay display" and the rotary encoders with "push button" function also, to the right of the display.

1st August, 2009



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