last updated on February 18, 2009, Chris has almost finished STAR.

and Chris almost has the IF board finished.


5th December, getting close for power up of PnM.












Above is Chris's work station with J&B solder iron (the best in my opinion VK3PE) and his PnM is working.28-12-07

Chris has a neat way of holding the SMD parts in position while he solders them. A "tool" made from coat hanger wire and lead weights. It's just in front of the optical aid.


17th Dec 2007

Chris has the Butler board almost finished. Excellent workmanship!

13-01-08 DDS ready to go, PA waiting for ferrites, as is the MR !

Updated on 18th Feb, 2009

Chris has now finished the last board, being the BPF.

Hi Glenn, here are some photos of my BPF board just got the beads to fit to the side of the board. This is the last board that I had to finish,I can now link them all together and see if I can hear any sigs.

Cheers Chris GM4YLN



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