Page last updated on July 31, 2009

Hi All,

Please find attached a wonderful display that will show piece my second Picastar radio.

The front panel is the base panel, it will be covered with a printed decal, so excuse the extra holes.

Thanks to (G3VPX) Ian's wonderful display discovery and the exceptional effort of Ian's development of the TRXAVR h/w and s/w and now Gerard's touch screen work, this next radio is going to be awesome.

I wanted to share this with you all and to show every one, the mounting of the display is quite straight forward, infact it's easy, 4 holes as per the template instructions.

The tuning knob, is 65mm OD, turned down from machine aluminium, the Quad encoder and support shaft is housed via 2 bearings in a housing turned down on my 57 year old resorted Lathe.

The display still has it defused protective layer on top of the touch screen, in time this will removed.

Regards Gerald VK3GJM


This is the colour display for Geralds 2nd Picastar. The interface is by Ian, G3VPX.


31st July, 2009