Feb, 2009. Michel sent some pictures. I assume from the state of STAR that it has been used in anger on the Ham bands.

A very nice buildup and Michel has also built an external 150W amp with some interesting additional PCB's and display

......... Click for a larger picture.

hello glenn

vue du pa de 150w de g6alu copie conforme du hf100 (pour la gestion)

view of the pa 150w of g6alu copy of HF100 (for management)

73 michel


Click for a larger pictures.


Michel has also completed a Combo-PICaSTAR using a prototype PCB from VK3PE and also become involved with the graphical interface project by Ian, G3VPX.


Michel is a very fast worker and being a French only speaker, has to interprete all of the information which is only in English. I think that Google Translate is getting a good workout. (vk3pe)

Here is a preview of Michel's new front panel with graphical interface 320x240 pixel LCD.. 1st August, 2009



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