Russ Bruhnke K0QJ STAR

Dec 23, 2007: Russ has been hard at work and has a very interesting display. Russ uses a graphics LCD and his own controller software.

Russ also has a solution for the hard to find Torex regulators for the DDS carrier.

Msg #26741 from Yahoo PICASTAR Dec 2007

I was having trouble locating the specified Torex regulators for the 9951 board here in the States. Every place I went wanted an order of 1000's. Sooo, I used a Microchip LDO in a TO-92 case. I bent two leads out and around so the lead pattern now matched the board pad pattern. Then I bent the leads at 90 degrees, where they'd touch the pads, to give something to solder to, cut them to shorten them and soldered them in. I mounted it less than 0.25 inch from the board. This is using Glenn's board but would even be easier with a home-made one. The DDS board has been working great for the last week. The regulators show no signs of being too warm. If anyone would like, I could post a picture of the mod.

Thought this may help someone out. Russ K0QJ



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