The CDG2000 Low Pass Filter PCB

This PCB was purchased for 10 Pounds from the CDG2000 group. This translates to just under Aus$30 by the the time I got it, with currency conversion and postage costs. It's a double sided, plated through PCB and very similar in appearance to VK3PE boards.

Some of the band pairings are set up differently to STAR, so some re-work of the filter designs will be needed.

From my junkbox, I fitted up the 160M band filter and checked it out on the HP141T Spec Analyzer. The relays are a standard part from farnell and also available from Altronics.

Scale of HP141T is 2MHz per division. Zero freq cal is incorrect. See below.

Loss is very low, re-checked on a IFR Spec Analyzer at ~0.2dB. See below. Left pic is 5MHz sweep, right pic. is 20MHz sweep.












Glenn, VK3PE

Last updated on December 7, 2007