At the Kyneton (VK3) Hamfest held on the 10th Feb, 2007, a large number of VK3 STAR builders were in attendance. First, to find some elusive "goodies" for their STAR build, and second, to attend a mini-lecture by Paul, VK3XDE. Paul is the 1st builder of a STAR in Australia and gave an excellent talk to all those who might be interested in building a PICASTAR and also to those who have already decided to build, either by etching their own PCB's, or using the PCB's supplied by VK3PE.






























Later, a group photo was taken. In this picture, VK3PE is the camera man so add one to the visible tally ! Sunbury Amateur Radio Club and Midland groups of PICaSTAR builders attended, along with some from other areas. Not all are in the picture, due to time constraints. All were issued with "PICaSTAR" name badges.












Yours truly in centre !




















A very small part of the Kyneton Hamfest







VK3PE April 1, 2008


April 1, 2008