I live in Melbourne, which is the capital city of the State of Victoria, located in the South East of Australia. Victoria is one of the smaller States in Australia, some 227,600 square kilometers which is about 3% of the total land mass of Australia.
Maximum  recorded temperatures in Victoria  range from 50.8 degrees Centigrade at Mildura in the North East to -12.8 degrees in the mountainous areas of the state. Melbourne ranges from a low of about 0 in winter to about 43 degrees C in Summer. Rainfall is 28" per year.

To the South, the Victorian coast abuts the waters of Bass Strait.

The highest point in Victoria is Mount Bogong, 1986 meters ASL, east of Melbourne.

About 8% of the state is National Park areas. Victoria is known as the garden state.

The population of Victoria is about 4.4 million which is 26% of the Australian population.  About 3.5 million  people live in the capital city, Melbourne.

A new style Melbourne tram in St Kilda Road 
A section of St Kilda Road. A boulevard leading South from the centre of Melbourne, famous for its Elm trees.

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