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Glenn's Auto and Hobby home page July 27, 2010


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Welcome to my collection of mainly automotive content, specifically my 1930 Ford Coupe Hotrod construction, Isuzu Bellett, Nissan GTiR, 200SX and SSS,  various fast cars, Amateur radio, electronics and other activities.

I have always played with, and been interested in cars, since I taught myself to drive in a Fiat 501 as a young teenager. I love to modify and build things and these pages reflect  my hands on approach to most things, where I try to do as much as I can myself.

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This is my current passion. 

Building a Street Rod, based on an all steel, 1930 Ford coupe. I started in Feb '98.

Go to My 1930 Ford Hotrod    for  information and progress on the construction of my Hotrod.

See the body assembly   as I start to put it back together  30th Nov 2000
Fitting the SUNROOF    A big job!  10th Oct 2000  - 30th Nov 2000  0809-top-rh-rear.JPG (30675 bytes)
 Building a stainless steel exhaust system. 
Problems with repro windscreen.
Making a centre stop light in the beltline
Making a new deck lid.   
Making Radiator rods    
Windscreen wiper update     Nov 18th
Steering setup:- new  page coming soon
Mounting bucket seats
See everything on my Rod buildup 
5th Dec 2002. Body is in Hi Fill !
Making a trans shifter  
Making Trans Cover and Toe-board 
Making a 3 piece Hood.    NEW  Nov 2002

  Outside, late March 2002

 I' ran out of Web space , so the pictures might be a little smaller from now on. 

  June 2001 trip to York, Pennsylvania, USA, Street Rod Nationals. Over 5500 Hotrods !  Bill, Jeff and myself even featured in the NSRA magazine with Bill's coupe! We also met up with Mike. who unfortunately missed the NSRA photo session.


My Rod History

30-1.jpg (25580 bytes) Feb 1998 This is what I started with. It took me 2 weeks to decide to buy this!

 front-a.JPG (60949 bytes) Dec 99    rear-05012000.JPG (61940 bytes)  Jan 2000 body-rr.JPG (35446 bytes)   March 2000   23rd-rf.jpg (39072 bytes)  23rd-lr2.jpg (33882 bytes) April 2000

front-of-shed.JPG (59737 bytes)  4th October the coupe is outside for the first time in over 2 years.

Go to My 1930 Ford Hotrod  for progress and information on the construction of my Hotrod.

These Hotrod pages are dedicated to my Mother, Val, who passed away suddenly on May 7th 2000.


  See What I'm aiming for in looks of my Hotrod   30-red.jpg (10781 bytes)