The GM T700 / R4 auto transmission & Trans Shifter
I'm using one of these auto transmissions in my 1930 Ford coupe Rod, behind a 350 Chev. and it seems there is a lack of information and a certain amount of mystery on using them in this application. I'm certainly not going to tell you what to do here (because I don't know either!) except to point you to some information which I have gleaned from here and there. I will add to this page as I find out more. Tell me too if you can help.

In my application, I'm using a 29" tall rear tyre and a 3.5 diff ratio and this calculates out to about 1850 rpm at 100kph (~62mph) which seems a pretty good compromise.

I plan to use a speed based lockup system for the convertor, based on my own design electronic circuit.

A more simple system can be derived by using the 4th gear output signal fro


Aug 2003

m the transmission to lock the convertor, with an over ride when the brakes are used. This is a fairly common system used in some aftermarket lockup kits, which only requires a relay and some wiring.

Some other kits sense engine vacuum.

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Try these links for some good information:- NEW Aug 2003


The July 2000 issue of American Street Rodder magazine has a very good article on setting up the TV cable.

(See also the /700R4p1.html link above)

Updated August 15, 2003
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I can't vouch for the following information but it might be worth checking out:-

Note: When searching for a 700-R4 for use in a conversion, remove the torque converter, and look on the front plate inside the bell-housing for the casting number. Get one with the last three digits being 732. This ensures a '87 or newer unit with the best of GM's updates.

I decided to make my own Trans shifter handle after pricing a Lokar one, imported from the USA. With our exchange rate, Ifigured I had nothing to lose, to try making my own.

The handle and lifter where turned from round pieces of aluminium and the shaft is made from 1/2" 316 stainless steel tube. A local Commodore (GM) gave up its shifter mechanism which was modified to take the new handle and shaft. The inner rod from the GM shifter was re-used.