For many years, I have re-built and modified cars, doing engine swaps etc. but I have always wanted to build my own car, a Hotrod or a Cobra replica. The Hotrod is the favorite though and following the sale of a few of my treasured possessions, I have raised some funds to make a start.

Although I'm not generally a Ford fan, my favorite early car is the 1930/31 A model Ford Coupe.  After several years of looking and procrastination, on the 18th Feb 1998, I bought one! Actually, a rough outer body shell only, with a chassis, an 8" diff and front mudguards included in the deal.  The body and guards (fenders) need LOTS of repair work. This is the start of my dream hotrod.

They say that an "A" model Ford is one of the easiest Rods to build. This may be so, as many repro parts are available, but it's easy to underestimate the amount of work required on a steel car. Many repro parts are pretty poor quality and need work before they can be fitted.

To massage all that real steel into shape, I enrolled in a vehicle restoration course at a local college, which I attend once a week.

These pages and pictures are my attempt to show some of the intricacies of building a Hotrod. I have found that very few of the many small "projects" that culminate with a Hotrod are documented any where that I can find, even in the many "how to build a Hotrod" type texts. These pages then, are some snippets of my approach to building a rod and should be taken as a guide only. If you wish to use any of this material, do so, but be aware that they are my ideas only. As stated elsewhere, this is my first Rod and if you can contribute any ideas or see flaws in my ideas, please let me know!
This is what I started with. A basic body shell, which had been imported from the USA in 1998, with a chassis and two battered front fenders. The chassis was damaged, along with the left fender. I later picked up another fender, rear fenders and hood from swap meets. Now, it's all steel!

Mid 1998

For more information on the restoration of the body and other details, click below.

No guarantees are given or implied as to the suitability of this material for any purpose whatsoever.

Updated 13-Feb-2007

This page will constantly be under construction, as will the Rod !!!  

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Building a 1930 Ford coupe Hotrod Updated 13-Feb-2007 (go)

The Body

De rusting panels


T700 auto trans

Firewall, recessed

Body repairs

Bobbing Fenders

Door repairs

New floor frame

New floor

Rear panels

fitting a Sunroof

Making a Gas door

Steelout of body

s/s Exhaust system

Making New gutters

Making a trunk lid

Making centre stoplight

Making gas tank

Making radiator rods

Making an overflow tank

Fitting screen wipers

Fitting heater / demister

Fitting steering column

Steering setup

Windscreen problems



some Mates rods

Body assembly

Making a Trans Shifter

Seat mounting

Making Trans cover

Making a new Hood top

Making new hood sides

Making door skins

Making front Valance panel

Hammer form Access


Side Project:- repairing a Cowl


Mar 2001
Jan 2002 in Hi Fill
Mock-up shows the home made hood top and modified original sides to make them lift off.

FEB 2007 This is how she looks right now. Most panels primed etc. Still trying to get everything lining up in the running boards area. This repro stuff sucks ............

I have just finished the exhaust sytem in stainless. See it here.

Building a stainless Exhaust

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Click to view other body assembly items:-

Click to view other body assembly items:-