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Paul has been busy again, after building three Pic-a-Stars. Paul had an unused PICNMIX and needed a sig gen for testing, so this is the result. An excellent build by Paul, following in the theme of his other projects.

Paul re-worked the original PnM PIC code also to better suit the new role as a Sig. Gen. <vk3pe>

Hi Glenn,

Success at last as shown in attached pics.......I have now achieved a buffer ALC controlled amplifier (based on an


AD603 chip and LH0033 high speed buffer/line driver) which holds the output steady at 7dBm over a frequency range of 500kHz to 40MHz. John (G8MM) supplied me with an ex HP equipment switched attenuator which gives 0 to -80dBm attenuation in 1dBm steps which I have incorporated. The Vectron OCXO holds output nice and stable.........carrier only with no modulation facilities but I can live with that. Sweep feature works well but sweep is a little slow.....BNC socket on rear panel is for 'scope trigger' when in sweep mode......fan in there to fill a hole that was already in the aluminium panel..........connected but not really necessary. CHEERS Paul
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