Leonid's, 4Z7LES, Combo PICASTAR Version P1 build


Leonid is well on the way with construction of his "Porta-STAR". Still some mechanical and assembly to go but Leonid reports he has already tested some sections of the boards.

10th March, 2013:-


I find a box. have it from junk place of equip. this is on pictures i have for $5 US. is good, but big - 43 X 35 X 17 cm, for "19 rack. In this week I will make final placement.

DSP is flashing from 1st power up. xtal & EPROM is good. now i need sometime to burn AT2560 and here is many steps to do, over 4 pages. Wait for few resistors to power up PA's. thats all.



click pictures for larger size.



15th March, more pictures added.





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