About 16,000 Isuzu Bellett sedans are believed to have been exported from Japan to Australia, plus about 290 Bellett GT coupes in the period from 1964 to 1970. The majority of cars were imported by 1968. As far as I know, none of the station wagon variants or diesel cars were imported nor the 2 door sedan called the 1600 Sport or the DOHC GTR coupe. A few 1800cc SOHC coupes have been seen. Accounting for damaged cars, there are probably less than 100 or so complete GT's left in Australia.

I have been a follower of these vehicles from 1966 when I first saw them and then from about 1979, when I actually got to own my first Bellett, a 1965 sedan, which I rebuilt.  Since then, I have owned six or so,  including sedans and 3 GT coupes. I recently sold my last GT, which I restored in about 1992.

I have been a member of the Bellett Car Club of Victoria (inc) since about 1980. I was the Treasurer of the club up until early 2012.

My Belletts  My last Isuzu Bellett GT, previous Belletts etc

UPDATE July 2012:- After being without a Bellett since 2005, the 'urge' (disease?) has returned.

I am currently in the middle of getting a 2 Door "SPORT" sedan from Japan. After a long search and many dissapointments, I found a nice (in pictures) 1972 Sport model sedan. It will be the only such model in Australia. The car was purchased in Japan in June and arrived in Australia in October 2012. The deal also included a quantity of spare parts. The car was not running but that was quickly quickly sorted out. (distributor problem)




Bellett Club   The Bellett Car Club of Vic. (Inc) caters for all model Belletts

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Bellett Club pictures and past events See a long line of Bellett's !!!

Club Events see past photos and find out about the next meeting 

Bellett stats

Bellett Engine swaps Fancy a different Isuzu engine in your Bellett ?

Club Cars Pictures of members cars.




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Peter's 1800cc SOHC powered 1966 Bellett race car.

Brett's Bellett race car (both at Sandown track 2nd Nov 99)

Peter rolled it over at Phillip Island race track.  March. 2000 New shell required and lots of work.

Currently retired from Racing.

New engine,  June 2000

This car is still under development and racing

ja-bellett2.JPG (24809 bytes)

Kame's Bellett GTR in Japan

russell.JPG (55116 bytes)

Russell's 1971 Isuzu Bellett GT undergoing restoration. One of only three known GT's in the USA

Russel says work is on hold for a while.

bel-sport_1.jpg (20232 bytes)
Dicks Bellett 1600 Sport in Holland
dutch1.JPG (12211 bytes)
Belletts at car show in Holland
dutch2.JPG (13213 bytes)

1800 Bellett GT in Holland 

Doug's 1965 Bellett Sedan in California  

Peters 1965 Bellett is now GTR (1600 DOHC) powered 


ex Bellett GTR DOHC engine is now in a sedan, with twin Weber carbs and other goodies.


orig-1.JPG (35885 bytes)
Bought by a Club member, a 1 owner (89 yo lady) low mileage (80,000mile) 66 sedan. Cost, $450
B3.jpg (70792 bytes)
From Darwin, Neil's '66 sedan, almost finished, only interior to go. Looks fantastic, has "XTINCT" number plates!
neil-bell-1.jpg (60295 bytes)
Feb 17, 2000

Neil has been busy.  New wheels from a Nissan Turbo.......

neil-bell-2.jpg (63219 bytes)
and a new white interior.

Nice one, Neil!

New (more power!) motor is next.



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