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Amateur Radio & Electronics

I am a qualified Electronics Technical Officer and a licensed Radio Amateur Operator, with callsign VK3PE.                                   Want to know what Amateur Radio is ??

I have been semi active "on the air" since getting my licence in 1977 and have done all the usual things such as building various transmitters and receivers on HF, VHF, UHF, ATV etc and at the moment, I am developing my interest in software. I was a member (and secretary) of the Moorabbin Radio club for many years but since moving further away from the club, my attendance is now spasmodic. I still belong to the Wireless Institute of Australia, the governing body of Amateur Radio in Australia.

I love to dabble with electronic things and like making various items both hardware and software (mainly assembly code with 6805 devices) Being a bit of a jack at all trades, I enjoy making mechanical items and building my own boxes and chassis to house various electronic projects.

I am a modifier at heart and one project I have undertaken recently is the re-writing of the software in the Australian produced (by Motorola) Syntrx(TM) two way radio to make it more suitable for Amateur use.

If you are interested in the SYNTRX modification or my modifications to the ICOM IC22S, by fitting a microprocessor, Click  below...


Syntrx IC22S Hotrod Electronics

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